Sacred Vibration

A journey towards truth and empowerment.


The Story

The path to becoming is a long and winding road. We did not come here at this time to sit idly by. We came here to come back into alignment. We came here to find our voice. We came here to remember our power.

We all carry with us a deep knowing.

We also carry with us a deep pain. The thread that connects us to all that came before. This thread carries with it the wisdom and knowledge, but it also carries with it the deep trauma of what it means to be a Woman. A trauma that is only intensified if you are an indigenous Woman or Woman of Color.

We need time and space to grieve and mourn the ones who came before us. The ones who held this deep knowing yet were silenced, beaten and burned. We grieve the lives that were cut short. We grieve the genius that was lost with them. We grieve the magick of their spirits. 

Once we mourn them, we must honor them. The ones who join us in our circles, the ones who whisper their wisdom to us in the wind. We honor them by using our voice. We honor them when we stand unapologetically in our truth. Even when it’s hard. Even when we are scared. We honor them when we use our voice and we take up space. This is our birth right. We stand here today because of their sacrifice.

What we can’t see is all the Women that came before, standing with us and supporting us.

All the Women who guide us along our path. All the ones whose stories and wisdom and pain we hold in our womb. Through the work we do to heal our Self and our deepest wounds, we heal all those connected to us. We also create an opportunity to heal it before we pass it along to the next generation.

This retreat is a journey. 

A journey back in time to mourn and grieve. A journey inward to heal our wombs. And a journey forward toward truth and empowerment.


This is our second annual retreat at Knoll Farm. The land here is sacred and holy ground. Before we even finished our retreat last year we knew in our hearts we would be called back again.

Perfectly placed amongst the majestic Green Mountains of Vermont.

The energy here serves as a supportive back drop to hold you during your transformational time with us.

This retreat will bring you back to the land and in close communion with mother nature.

Sleep in yurts, enjoy nourishing farm to table meals, and gather around the fire with other mystical and like-minded Women. In addition to vibrational sound healing, we will spend time in circle and ceremony. Again, this retreat is a journey, one in which we are incredibly honored to guide you on.

“The way in which you guided us through the weekend, and I understand that you were allowing the flow, which is how I prefer to operate, it was right on.  There were just the right amount of togetherness, ceremony, movement, space and freedom, quietness, wildness and closeness.  I really felt cared for, held, loved, cherished, nourished and free.  What more could I ask for?” - beautiful testimonial from last years retreat


The Investment

Friday October 4, 2019 - Sunday October 6, 2019

We will begin our gathering at 2:00PM on Friday and we will close out our time together at 12:00PM on Sunday

It’s important to know that last year the retreat filled up quite quickly. We have space available for 16 Women to join us. We are so incredibly honored to share this time with you and honestly can’t wait to share what we’ve got in store for you!

Quad Yurt (sleeps 4)

  • The investment is $550

  • You can place a $250 deposit to hold your spot and pay in full by 9/1

  • Double Yurt (sleeps 2)

  • The investment is $650

  • You can place a $250 deposit to hold your spot and pay in full by 9/1

*Please know, there are only 2 quad yurts so there are only 8 spots at that price level, these are typically the first to fill. There are 4 double yurts so there are 8 spots at that price level. The retreat was full well in advance last year and we expect the same for this year.

The investment as outlined above is all inclusive. This is the cost for both your lodging and your meals for the weekend starting with dinner on Friday and ending with breakfast on Sunday. The food was a so well received last year. There’s something so supportive about doing work together in circle, and then gathering around the table to enjoy nourishing farm to table meals.

Payment is accepted via PayPal, Venmo or if you would prefer to write a check, let us know!

If you have Venmo you can pay me with your App @Angela-Andrews. If not, you can click the link below to find out more about Venmo and how to get it.

“This was my first retreat but I felt so at home with you all and so safe. It really means more to me then I can put in to words. It is hard for me here to find these kind of things. I feel as though I am on my own a lot (which I know I am not) so this meant the world to me. Thank you! I plan to continue this way with hopes that this positive energy will lead me to more of this powerful magic around here where I live. Everyday since, the light has shined brighter. I can’t wait for next year!” - beautiful testimonial from last years retreat

The Magick Makers



Angie Andrews is a soul doula, retreat leader, space holder and energy healer. She created her business AngieAndrewsInspire to support women in birthing a joyful, aligned life. She uses her gifts of channeling, reiki and intuitive healing to help shine light on the spaces that are in need of attention and healing. In doing so she is able to help her clients accelerate their own growth and transformation.



Hera is a creative visionary weaving magick and healing through her words. She is a writer, Tarot reader, teacher and devoted student of astrology. Her passion and souls work lives in the hearts of women. Gathering, teaching and empowering them to come back home to their own divine intelligence. She can be found co-leading Women's retreats, Women's sharing circles and teaching workshops.



Tarot Reader, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Magical Herb Worker. Curious, Spirited, Magic. Creatrix of Beauty and Magic! Tarot reader (combining channeling and astrology), spirited herbalist (for health, wellbeing and magic) and curious magic maker. She is the founder of MagicOma.

The Commitment

Due to the location, this retreat is inherently physical in nature. Knoll Farm is quite literally on a mountain side. You’ll need to hike uphill a short way from the barn to your yurt at night. The large gathering yurt where we will hold our ceremonies and circles is an uphill hike from the yurt village. The good news is, it’s all downhill to dinner at the barn!

There is also a commitment to courage needed. Why you ask? Because in order to be vulnerable, you must be brave and couragous. Brene Brown has some incredibly inspiring talks centered around vulnerability. It’s at the core of connection, joy and love. I think we would be remiss to talk about this retreat and not mention vulnerability.

If we as Women are being called to step into our power, we must learn how to be vulnerable. The best way to do that is in a safe and sacred container like this retreat. A place where you can show up as yourself, share and extend your heart and be met with the same in return. This is a big part of what we hope to create at this retreat. To change your vibration at a cellular level. To have you go back out into your life with even more clarity about who you are and how you want to move forward in your life.

Journey with us.

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to reach out via email or we can schedule a brief chat over the phone!