I'm honored to work with some really incredible people. Here's a little of what they've had to say about our work together.

Angie is compassionate, genuine, honest, kind, funny and incredibly insightful, she has helped me in immeasurable ways. Through my work with Angie I am stronger and more balanced; I am better able to cope with life’s challenges and I am a happier person. She has helped me learn the value of being a little “self-ish” and to focus on finding gratitude in every day. Perhaps most importantly, Angie has helped me learn to listen to my own heart and have the courage to follow my personal bliss, to live my truth. Thanks to Angie, my life has opened up in ways I could never have imagined; I am living my most authentic life and realizing the truest version of myself. I will forever be grateful for the gentle, loving guidance she has provided to me.
— Amanda
What always blows me away about Angie Andrews Inspire is that she always knows exactly what I’m currently struggling with in my life. Her blogs and even her webinars seem custom tailored to what I most need to learn - forgiveness, gratitude, self care. It is wonderful to learn from someone who is so in tune with my life as a mother.
— – Kaly McKenna Founder and owner of Born Through Fire Podcast
I have been feeling for a very long time that something was missing in my life like I was just going through the routine taking care of everyone else but me.. I read this everyday to remind myself of my own worth and have started to get the mindset that it is okay to take care of me ... Although I struggle with concept still between this gift and your blog post I’m starting a transition ... Thank You for coming into my life and giving me the confidence to go forward ... Much thanks and love!!
— - Julie
I have had the pleasure of attending 3 of Angie’s recent webinars. With each one, I’ve experienced several “a-ha” moments not only during the webinar but after when I reflect on what I’ve learned and how to apply these self care principles in all areas of my life. Making self care a priority is allowing me to become a better mom, friend, daughter, employee and the list goes on. Angie has an amazing way of simplifying the importance of self care and self love and teaches us how to get closer to our authentic self. As a Christian, the spiritual aspect of her messages meets me right where I’m at in my faith journey and challenges me to stretch beyond. I’m grateful beyond words for Angie’s coaching and look forward to continuing to uncover more about self care through her teaching.
— - Nicole
I met Angie April 2014 by divine providence during a time when I was beginning the search for myself. I had been single for 10 years and though out of the unhappy marriage I was still out of sorts with myself and coasted through life wondering if that’s all there is…..I wanted more purpose, fulfillment, love, happiness and peace within myself.

She has shared my triumphs and my low points all with the same love, attention, positive energy and support. She has helped me in so many ways. I’ve now become a self-care dilettante thanks to Angie. It’s become my number one priority and my life is a 1,000% better. I’m still under construction but am in my lane and know where I want to go. Angie has been a pivotal force in my life and I thank the Spirits for putting us together. Sat Nam.
— Shelia