A Life Changing Leap of Faith

March 16, 2015

Preface: I wrote this blog a couple of months ago with the intention that it would be the first blog on my website when it finally went live. Little did I know that the stars would align to allow me to share my site with the world for the very first time on the one -year anniversary of my return from Maui. That day I came home determined to live a life centered on love and purpose. I sit in awe and amazement and all that has transpired and how I have been supported through it all.


A Life Changing Leap of Faith

Life amazes me on a regular basis. As I write this, I am sitting under a palm tree, basking in the warmth of the sun. I am soaking in the amazing scenery, the smell of the ocean water and the sound of the waves crashing on the cement wall. I can’t help but ponder how much my life has changed in the last 10 months. Ten months ago I embarked on a journey. I packed up and headed to Maui to attend a retreat with 20 complete strangers. I left behind my life for one week. I signed in my phone and severed all connection with the outside world. I did this on a leap of faith.

I could not ignore the desire that I felt in my soul when I came across the ad for this retreat. At the time I did not have the money in the bank to pay for it or any idea where it would come from. But, I did it anyway! I KNEW I needed to be there. In retrospect, this one act of radical self -care literally changed the course of my life. I went to Maui lost, confused, feeling like I was stuck or like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I emerged a week later with a newfound reverence for my body and soul. I felt clearer, more open and more awake to hearing the voice of my heart. I was less “in my head”.

I am sure you are wondering what the magic bullet was. What did they give to me that bestowed on me all of these gifts? While I will forever be grateful for my Maui family, Mastin Kipp, Jenna Hall, Jill Esplin and everyone at The Daily Love for such an amazing, transformative experience, there was no magic potion given to me. There was no fairy dust sprinkled. I was, however, provided the space, opportunity and support to cultivate a relationship with myself. Maui was probably the first time in my life that I truly made myself a priority. I gifted myself the chance to listen to my inner voice for the first time. I realized it had been there all along, whispering in the background, but I was so busy doing, that I was never just “being”.

The things my heart was suggesting seemed scary and uncertain. I would think, I couldn’t do that!! That’s crazy. My mind was all too happy to ignore it and move on with what I knew, what I was comfortable with. After my trip, I vowed, NO MORE! It was time to be all in. In the ten months since I came home I have left a job that was not serving me and gotten laid off from the job I took when I left. I fell into a new career, which is allowing me to travel and control my own schedule, while providing for my family. But most importantly, I have learned to love and care for myself as fully as I have those in my life. Following this path has led to clarity around my purpose. It has driven the creation of my business and allowed for more joy and peace in my life.

I know many who are searching for answers and feeling lost will not have the opportunity to attend a retreat like I did. It is my belief that you do not have to have such an immersive experience to cultivate a relationship with your heart. Anyone can do it with some work. Small acts of self- care can blossom into a deep sense of gratitude and connection. This is the stuff of miracles.

If it is transformation that you seek in your life, starting with really taking care of yourself and loving yourself where you are at in this moment is a perfect way to start. Take time to figure out what lights you up. Listen to that voice that is whispering to you about what you really desire. When you listen and talk to your heart and take action based on what you hear, things will shift. You will start to notice little synchronicities. You will feel more present and peaceful. Gratitude will begin to take hold. Gratitude for the gift you are giving yourself and the world. You will gift the world by shining your light and serving others in a way that only YOU can. Together we can start a self-love revolution. Imagine a world where we are all sharing our gifts with the intention of serving others. What a beautiful place it would be. Won’t you join me?

Much love- Angie