Riding the Waves

I am learning to play.  Watching my kids and husband play in the ocean is just too enticing not to jump in and join them.  So, I take the plunge.  The waves here on Playa Cocles are pretty large and intense.  There is opportunity after opportunity to ride them and body surf.  This is all new to me.  It used to be, not too long ago, that I would not join in the fun, preferring instead to observe.  That seemed to be safer, less messy and, well, easier.

Looking back, that is kind of how I was showing up in my life.  Doing what was comfortable and what didn’t rock the boat.

I made a habit of not stretching myself.  Sure I was working hard, long hours at my JOB and exhausting my body and quite frankly my soul.  Interestingly, that seemed easier (or so I now see in hindsight) than listening to the call of my soul and following a path into the unknown.

In some ways my “asleep” life was easier.  But it was killing my soul a little at a time.

Almost three years down the path of my “awake” life I can say that there have been many challenging moments and plenty of bumps in the road. (and there continue to be)  Happily, I can also say that I have never felt more alive, joyful or free.  To some this would seem insane as I currently have no steady income, no defined plan for how that will happen and zero intention of having another 9-5 JOB.

Listening to your soul’s voice and taking action from that place is not always easy.  It is, however, always rewarding.

All of this came to me other other day as I was playing in the ocean with my boys.  You really have to be ready for anything when you are playing in the waves.  I chose to just close my eyes and trust.  As the waves would approach I would put my arms out and close my eyes.  Sometimes I would ride the wave in with ease and grace feeling carried by mama ocean.  Other times I would get thrown around and find myself thrashing, coming up for air with a nose and mouth full of saltwater, my hair full of sand.

The beauty was not only in those moments of ease and grace, but in coming up from those moments of uncertainty and thrashing with a smile on my face.

See when you live a heart centered life you can find beauty in all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.  You experience gratitude, love and awe in every little thing.  Does that mean it always feels pleasant and rosy?  Hell no!  Yet, somehow it feels more right because it is aligned with your soul’s voice, your intuition.  There is a connection there to something bigger and more powerful than just your human body and form.

Living an “awake” and intuitive life in not for those seeking the easy path.

It is for those who are looking to connect with something deep within their hearts that is begging to be heard and honored with aligned action.  I know first hand how easy it can be to ignore that inner voice.  How much more comfortable it is to think no thanks, this all seems way more difficult than leaving my blinders on and plugging along like I have been.  I implore you to try listening.  I beg of you not to squash your intuition any longer.  Wake up to what really lights you up and makes you deeply happy.  By doing so you will encourage those around you to do the same.  What a beautiful world it would be if we were all lit up and living a heart centered existence. 

Ride the waves of life with an open heart, faith in your soul and a huge smile on your face.

Much love.