Why All You Need To Know Is Your Why


I used to plan everything.  I was never really concerned with why I was doing things as much as I was with how it would all roll out.  Planning, plotting, and scheduling were some of my favorite things to do, or so I thought.   Even as I write these words, my body becomes uneasy.  I am not sure I ever truly enjoyed or relished that way of being in the world.  I think I just thought that this is what you do.  Reflecting on some of the times when all my planning and plotting did not pan out the way I thought it would, I can see that I was setting myself up for failure, or at least that is how I perceived it.

What I did not fully grasp at that time is that I was not the one in control.  I never have been.  Ultimately, the divine will have the last say on how things shake out.  All I can control is my WHY.  Why am I doing what I am doing?  What is my intention?

You see, the divine (or God, universe, source, nature, higher power), is just waiting to serve us.  It wants us to be joyful, fulfilled and abundant.  The problem is without clarity around exactly why we desire what we do, it is unable to assist us in manifesting it.  If we are giving mixed signals or are wishy-washy about our why and/or our intention, there is no way for it to deliver.

By getting clear on the why behind our goals we provide the clarity and vision the divine needs.  We help the forces that be to help us.

I have to say that surrendering control of how the path unfolds in front of me has been one of the most difficult experiences I have had, but it has also been one of the most beautiful.  Each morning I set an intention of surrender in my morning self-care ritual.  I use a prayer I learned from Tosha Silver, “Divine Beloved, take me over and do what you will”.  I also say a prayer from Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love:

“Use me.  Where would you have to me go today?   What would you have me do today?  What would you have me say today?  And to whom?” 

I now have clarity around my why.  Here is a glimpse of it:  Because I have to. It is why I am here.  To be of service.  To spread love and light.  To be the healer I was sent here to be.  So, now I am able to surrender control to the divine and simply observe how the path unfolds.  I watch for signs and synchronicity.  I listen intently to my intuition.  I work to stay open and walk into the mystery life often presents.

At first this was scary.  It still is at times. However, it has also been one of the most freeing and joy producing experiences of my life.  I still work pretty much every day to embrace divine timing.  I am not by nature a patient being. I prefer things happen on my time line which is usually NOW.  This is getting easier with each passing day.

I would like to encourage you to explore this concept.  Perhaps do a little experiment in your life.  Spend some time getting clear on your why.  Then, surrender control of the how, if even for a dayor two.  Whether you pray or not, justput it out there that you are ready to be used by the universe in whatever way serves the world and you the most.  Once you have done that begin to be very observant of what happens in your life.  Who starts showing up?  What synchronicity’s are occurring?  What is your intuition nudging you to do?  To try?  Then follow the path and see where it leads you.

Have fun and enjoy the experiment.  I would love to know how it goes!

Wishing you peace and flow in your life.